Recycling & Disposal Guide

UCSC is working hard to reduce the campus waste stream, and the campus community is highly supportive of recycling and waste reduction. 

The following table contains information only for University generated refuse and recycling

Grounds Services


EH&S Regulated Wastes

Cardboard Bicycle Parts Aerosol Cans  Laboratory Sharps
Compost Asbestos Waste Medicine/ Personal sharps
Construction and demolition Laboratory Containers  Batteries Oil
Container Recycling Biohazardous orMedical Waste Paint
Greenwaste Plastic Bags Cell phones  Photographic Chemicals
Paper Compressed Gas cylinders Radioactive Waste


Scrap metal Electronic Waste Refridgerators/ Appliances
styrofoam Empty Containers Regulated Lights
woodwaste Hazardous Waste Treated WoodWaste
Inkjet, Laserjet & toner cartridges

Environmental Health + Safety Waste programs


If you have further questions or need additional information please contact Environmental Health & Safety at (831) 459-2553 or the Recycling Office at (831) 459-3671.