Recycling & Disposal Guide

UCSC is working hard to reduce the campus waste stream, and the campus community is highly supportive of recycling and waste reduction. By 2020 UCSC aims to achieve a 95% diversion rate, a standard of Zero Waste set by UCOP

UCSC has put together a Guide to inform you on what you can recycle.

The following table contains information only for University generated refuse and recycling.

Grounds Services

EH&S Regulated Wastes

Special Recyclables


Aerosol Cans Laboratory Sharps Bicycle Parts
Compost Asbestos Waste Medicine/Personal Sharps Laboratory Containers
Construction & Demolition Batteries Oil Plastic Bags
Container Recycling Biohazardous or Medical Waste Paint Scrap Metal
Greenwaste Cell Phones Photographic Chemicals
Paper Compressed Gas Cylinders Radioactive Waste
Refuse Electronic Waste Refrigerators/Appliances
Styrofoam Empty Containers Regulated Lights
Woodwaste Hazardous Waste Treated Wood Waste
Inkjet, Laserjet & Toner Cartridges

If you have further questions or need additional information please contact Environmental Health & Safety at (831) 459-2553 or the Recycling Office at (831) 459-3671.