Paper Recycling

Please separate your clean paper items from your other recyclables. Paper items can be sorted into two categories for recycling: White Paper & General Paper

    White Paper Recycling

  • White Paper Recycling

    Please separate your clean, white paper from other paper products. White paper may be disposed of in designated indoor white paper bins usually placed near printers or copy machines. 

    Acceptable white paper products include: printed/unprinted white ledger paper, uncoated/unprinted white sheets, computer printouts, copy machine printouts, white tablet paper (lined or unlined), and white letterhead.

  • Mixed Paper Recycling

  • Mixed Paper Recycling

    Please only place clean paper items into general paper recycling, which may be disposed of in mixed office paper containers.

    Acceptable items include: plain white envelopes, newspapers, paper bags, card paper (cereal boxes, index cards, etc.), folders, guillotined books (spine / cover removed).

    Please do not place any food/beverage or soiled paper products into general paper recycling.